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Zenovia Jennifer Limberakis


(In-Person or Distance sessions)



(a once per lifetime, in-person, two-part session)

Zenovía Jennifer Limberakis,  Certified Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner.

  Reconnective Healing is beyond "energy healing" as we have known it to be and accesses high-level frequencies, which are being scientifically researched and tested at Standford, Yale and other locations and found to be new, never before measured

and different from other "energy" modalities being practiced.

These frequencies are described as accessible energy, light and information.

Reconnective Healing assists in restoring our natural balance in and connection to the existing universal frequencies, which we can become disconnected to. In the process of becoming more in balance and reconnected, beneficial shifts can happen physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually immediately or unfold over time and last a lifetime.  One may notice a change of physical symptoms, behavioral shifts, lifestyle changes or any number of things.  Healing can occur in both expected and unexpected forms without focusing on a specific issue or symptom and are not necessarily cures, although sometimes both will occur.  There is no need for one to understand or believe in the healing frequencies for this to work nor is it suggested to focus upon any particular health issues or history or symptoms you may be experiencing.

In computer terms, Zenovía likens it to getting a software update for yourself, clearing your internal cache, or downloading new information.  These Reconnective frequencies are being researched by major universities at Harvard, Yale and others and found to be newer, different and bigger than other energy modalities that exist today. 

After professionally practicing western and eastern techniques of certified massage, bodywork and energy work for over two decades, and as a certified level II Reike practitioner for over fifteen years, she finds Reconnective Healing infinitely more profound, effective and accessible than other energy methods and in a class of it's own.  She is a certified aromatherapist and distributor of pure, therapeutic Young Living Essential Oils; has professionally performed and taught dance; is an artist, an intuitive reader and former medical assistant.

Reconnective Healing™ Sessions In Person :

Reconnective Healing sessions  are "hands-off" work, conducted with the client comfortably lying down, fully clothed,

with eyes closed and just relaxing followed by a brief conversation discussing their experience.

The session takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

Client chooses  to receive one  to three sessions within several days and not to be repeated for several months.

$111. per session

Reconnective Healing™ Sessions by Distance :

Reconnective Healing sessions can be conducted as effectively at a distance anytime anywhere in the world.

The same protocol is used as for an in-person session except the appointment generally begins and ends with a  phone call .

Distant healing sessions can also be arranged for a third party

who is unable to arrange it for themselves, for example, during illness.

In this case, a family member or friend can request a healing for another at any time

with no need for  the recipient to participate and no immediate follow up conversation is necessary,

although feedback is always welcome.

$111. per session

"The Reconnection"™ once per lifetime session:

"The Reconnection" is a two-part session of ancient origin given one to two sleep cycles apart and only once in one's  lifetime

to activate and accelerate the life path by reconnecting the body's own energy points and meridians

with the earth's grid energy system and the universal axiatonal lines in the ethers.

This hands off initiatory experience has been carried down through centuries

and is conducted with the client comfortably lying down, fully clothed,

with eyes closed and relaxing followed by a brief conversation.

  Each session takes approximately 1 hr. and is to be completed within no more than three days.

$333. for the two-part session

(This is a price charged throughout the world equivalent to $333. in all currencies due to the magical properties of the number.)

Contact to Schedule Reconnective Healing sessions or The Reconnection

for yourself, friends, family members, or pets,

or with questions.

"Your healing will come in the form you anticipate;  Or, it may come
in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the universe has designed specifically for you."  Dr. Eric Pearl.

Zenovía Jennifer became a certified Reconnective Practitioner through Dr. Eric Pearl in Stockbridge, MA

and certified in The Reconnection in Lenox, MA.

This work is not intended to replace existing medical care,  diagnose or treat a medical condition, nor are there any promises or guarantees regarding results of this work.

Reconnective Healing™ was discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl, who channels and teaches this new frequency work worldwide.

To learn more, please read his book: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

or visit his website:    http://www.thereconnection.com

You can also see many of his interviews on Youtube such as: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6BsCqNTzzs

Watch this video for further attempts at describing this unique work: