Zenovia Jennifer Limberakis

​Sacred Folk Arts

for your public or private events
SPACE CLEARINGs for homes & work places

It is an honor and delight to read for people worldwide to help gain clarity, demystify questions, situations, and relationships and to offer support and insight to move forward with inspiration through life's mysteries. 

Cards are my medium to receive intuitive clairvoyant information

reflecting the overview of your life now, see what best you may focus on,

and to assist specific questions or issues that are up in your life, love, work,

or about others be they alive or passed.

I am continually amazed at the way the cards reflect back what “is”

and the unfoldment of thoughts, images and sensations that

connect to the energy and information that is for you.

Information can often come before the cards are ever seen.

I am direct and to the point and honor the time we spend together.

All information that comes through is confidential and

for the highest good of all with harm to none.

The rituals of blessing and clearing our homes with Frankincense smoke and prayer were taught to me by my grandmothers.  I am named after my maternal grandmother Zenovía and inherit my abilities from my Grecian descendants on all sides from the islands of Chios, Lesbos, Crete and the land now known as Turkey, formerly Asia Minor, although I was born and raised in the United States.

After receiving my first deck of Tarot cards from a family member as a young teen, giving and receiving readings has been a natural part of my life since personally and professionally for over two decades.

I became aware of having phenomenal experiences at a young age

which fed my interest in metaphysics and have sat in ritual

with a variety of cultures and spiritual traditions.

I have been practicing healing arts professionally for decades including certified aromatherapy; certified energy work and certified massage & bodywork and

along with dance, meditation, tai chi and consciousness studies,

I've had the great fortune of inspiring myself

and others to transform multi demensionally.

Home and Work space Clearings:

Space clearings to revitalize and purify the energy in your living or work space

for the well being of all involved.

Readings In Person, by Phone, or Skype

~ Gatherings ~ & ~ Special events  ~

~ Couples Readings ~

$35 per 15 mins.

~ Couples: $50 per 15 mins.

Gift Certificates available

Home or Office Space Clearings

$100.  and up



"You were  amazing, not only was what you said direct and forthcoming, but it's how you said it...with kindness and encouragement.  It made a lasting impression on me.  Hoping to connect  by phone soon."  A satisfied customer

"It is well worth it!". - Quote from a Trip Advisor user.

Blessings until we speak,

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Ordained Minister
Licenesed and screened by the city of Salem, MA.