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Frankincense (Boswellia Carteri) essential oil notes...

This note is in honor of Frankincense oil.
... including beneficial oil blends and other Young Living products containing Frankincense oil and other info.

Introduced to Young Living Essential oils through a concerned person who learned I was recovering from an injury which left me with pain and limited range of motion throughout my body, after being in pain for three years 24hrs. a day, I accelerated my healing and was out of pain within a month.  After using the oils for about six months to see if they work on others as well as myself, I began integrating them into my bodywork practice for my clients.  Soon after I became a certified aromatherapist and I work daily with these therapeutic essential oils (otherwise known as Aromatherapy oils) that I use for various conditions of body, mind, spirit and environment as I have been for over 17 years now.


I continue to be fascinated by seeing the oils work so well and it was good to have the confirmation of an MD friend who had never been exposed to aromatherapy before.  It was great when he said... after experiencing the effects of Frankincense oil after about one minute... “There is no western medicine that I know of that can do what that oil just did in that short of time for my asthma”.

Frankincense oil was worth it’s weight in gold in biblical times and before for good reason. This affirms why, once again, using the oils - or anointing with the oils -  has been passed down over so long throughout time - because they simply are effective and also pleasant to be around.

A type of Frankincense called Boswellia Sacra, or Sacred Frankincense,  from Oman was released by Young Living Essential OIls.   Besides the empirical, or tried and true knowledge of its effects this oil is now being researched by a team of alopathic medical doctors along with Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, to scientifically prove its efficacy in the treatment of cancer and other health concerns.  In some cases, the Frankincense oil has been injected directly into tumors to treat them. I find this type to be more subtle and sweet smelling.

Frankincense oil and resin  properties can assist in dealing with depression, infections, tumors, phlegm, coughs, respiratory conditions, nervous conditions, stress; helps to support the immune system and the brain, mental clarity, skin conditions, and sores.  It may also help to oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands and penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

When Frankincense resin (the dried sap from Frankincense trees) is burned on hot coals in censors or in other suitable burners in places of worship or in homes, the same therapeutic and practical properties that are present in the essential oils are released in its smoke. if the resin is of high quality.

 In antiquity, the air was actually being fumigated and purified for the huddled masses of people who gathered or for everyday living in homes.  The same is true today.  The incensed environment can be rid of undesirable odors and unwanted pests and insects can be repelled.   Airborne infections can be reduced and emotions, the psyche and more can be altered by the properties in the smoke.  (Remember, like oils, the resin used for smoke must be pure and of high therapeutic quality otherwise results will be limited to fumigating insects, reducing unpleasant odors and clearing the air.  If synthetic fragrances have been added to the resin, you will end up inhaling them into your body as well.)

I have been around burning Frankincense my whole life from within the Greek Orthodox church I attended, to my two Greek grandmother’s burning it at home and my own continued use of it to shift, bless and clear my home...and the homes of others.

SOME OF MY FINDINGS using Frankincense oil:

Following  are some of  the physical conditions and symptoms  that FRANKINCENSE OIL (Boswellia carterii) has proven to be effective for removing or easing.  These are either my personal experiences or those of people I know directly and were not necessarily only  a one-time occurrence.  Specifically used was the oil provided by Young Living for it’s guaranteed high quality.

DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY  was relieved  after sprinkling a couple of drops of Frankincense oil in the hands, rubbing them together, wiping the oils on the forehead and back of the neck, and inhaling deeply several times from the oil on hands.

NIGHT TIME WHEEZING stopped within minutes when Frankincense oil was applied to the sinus areas around the nose and the neck... all without getting out of bed.

SNORING stopped completely for the night within minutes after Frankincense was applied to the area around the nose, the neck and chest and inhaled.

SKIN TAGS  in the underarm and face area disappeared after applying Frankincense daily for a month or so until they disappeared.  Other skin tags and moles were reduced with the application of Frankincense oil directly on site.  (Better and faster result could probably have been obtained had the oil not been forgotten to be used daily.)

DISCOMFORT FROM METASTATIC CANCER:  the physical, emotional/psychological and respiratory discomfort were eased when Frankincense was inhaled and applied to the body.

PARKINSON’S DISEASE:  Tremors, mental fogginess and confusion and the stiff facial mask associated with Parkinson’s disease were reduced after applying Frankincense around the head. (At a recent doctor’s visit for an unrelated reason, the doctor was surprised to see  that the patient’s Parkinson’s symptoms were obviously greatly reduced.)

ASTHMA and ALLERGIES:  Respiration was inspired and opened after applying Frankincense oil around the nose and inhaling.

SADNESS:  After breathing in Frankincense, greater clarity of mind and balance of emotions was obtained.

BRONCHIAL COUGH   was soothed immediately after applying  frankincense oil to the throat and chest area and inhaled.

SMOKER’S COUGH  was alleviated after application on chest and throat.

Early signs of  COLD & FLU  were warded off by adding two or three drops of Frankincense oil to a glass of drinking water and repeated after an hour or more.

MEMORIES  A dear massage client and friend’s mother told her that when she was inside of her womb she would  become very obviously active when the Frankincense was being burned whenever she went to high mass at the Presbyterian church in England.  She loves it’s smell to this day.

SPIRITUAL  I applied Frankincense oil to the forehead of a woman, who is very religious and spiritual, after a massage and she said it was, in fact, a “religious experience” for her.


Abundance, Acceptance, Believe, Brain Power, Egyptian Gold, Exodus II, Forgiveness, Gathering, Gratitude, Harmony, Humility, ImmuPower, Inspiration, Into the Future, Lazarus, Longevity, 3 Wise Men, Transformation, Trauma Life, Valor, and Common Sense.


 ART Skincare products including: Day Activator, Gentle foaming cleanser, Night Reconstructor, & Purifying Toner; Boswellia Wrinkle Creme; KidScents Tender Tush; Wolfberry Eye Cream; Sandalwood moisturizer;  Valor Bar soap; Exodus, Longevity Capsules, ThermaBurn.

NOTE: Use your own intuition when using these oils.  Not all will respond in the same way and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace necessary medical treatment in some cases.

It is important to use only the finest therapeutic grade essential oils. If low quality or synthetic or adulterated oils are used, mediocre or harmful effects may occur.  I recommend using Young Living Essential oils, which are regularly tested for therapeutic quality.  Many of the oils for sale on the market are synthetically altered or extended and not to be used on the body or in my opinion for anything. Keep essential oils out of the eyes and ears and, as a general rule, do not use essential oils on skin before direct contact with the sun.  Keep out of the reach of small children.

Please feel free to report back your experiences using these oils or products and be in touch  anytime if you have any questions.

Some of my favorite uses for Frankincense oil:

Adding to water and other beverages to ward off colds and flus and help support my immune system.
Applying to my neck and chest to help with coughs, respiratory and throat issues.
Massaging some onto my temples, forehead and back of the neck to help reduce head tension and stimulate mental clarity.
Dropping a drop on skin issues to help heal any blemish or skin disorders.
Massaging it onto certain areas of my body to help as a prevention against tumors.
Breathing the oil in to clear sinus congestion.
Breathing the oils in slowly and deeply off of my hands to become grounded and centered.
Applying it to help regenerate my skin. It helps scars and wrinkles.

I also burn the resin at home which emits the healing properties into the air.