Zenovia Jennifer Limberakis

​Sacred Folk Arts


Zenovía has spent decades  practicing the art of dance and movement and offers private and group instruction in movement and "sacred belly dance" for posture, stance and self-expression.

She has been dancing Greek dances from Asia Minor since she could walk and as a child dabbled in ballet and tap.  Since her teenage years - beside dancing to rock, blues, soul and jazz - she has been studying dances from around the world with an emphasis on Near Eastern dance, the music of which was a predominant musical background growing up.

Her ethnic dance studies include those from Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, southern Italy and Africa with masters such as Ibrahim Farrah, Jehan Kamal,  Amina, Dr. Mo Gedawi, Magana & Devi Baptiste,  Alessandra Belloni, Bubatunde Olatunji and others.

She has studied: healing and therapeutic movement with Suki Rappaport Munzell, Joy Berta and Anna Halpern;  yoga, and has years of practice of the long form of Yang style Tai Chi.

She combines her knowledge of the energetic body, ethnic dance, the eastern movement arts, bodywork and aromatherapy in her movement sessions and classes which are offered periodically or by request.