Zenovia Jennifer Limberakis

​Sacred Folk Arts


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~AROMATHERAPY  & RAINDROP SESSIONS~(see "Hands on Healing" page)

My introduction to real essential oils:
I was introduced to Young Living Essential oils through a concerned person who learned of my suffering with pain and limited range of motion throughout my body for three years 24hrs. a day from an injury I sustained when a sauna that I was in collapsed.  As an active bodyworker, dancer and dance instructor, I was quite miserable.

After a month of consideration, I ordered a starter kit of a collection of Everyday Oils and a couple of other ones specifically to support my injuries.  By using a small collection of these oils daily, my healing was accelerated and I was out of pain within a month!  (After MDs, PT, Chiropractic, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory pills, etc.) I used the oils for about six months on myself and anyone who was interested to make sure it was not a placebo effect and to see if they work on others as well as myself, then began integrating them into my bodywork practice for my clients who loved them. They took my work to a new level.

I became certified in aromatherapy through Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt's Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, continued studying and a year later began selling Young Living Essential Oils after researching the marketplace and to make sure that this was the best deal for the best prices for the quality of real oils vs. synthetics and low quality oils found in most health food and other stores or online. I work daily with these therapeutic essential oils (otherwise known as Aromatherapy oils) that I use for various conditions of body, mind, spirit, pets and environment as I have been for over 20 years now, and help others who are interested to do the same.

Before discovering therapeutic quality oils, like most people, I had only been exposed to lesser quality or synthetic oils for fragrance purposes only.
Using synthetics or low quality oils is totally unacceptable now, after discovering the difference, and may result in mediocre or dangerous results.
My teachers include Gary Young, Kurt Schnaubelt, Jeanne Rose, and others.

(NOTE: It is very important to use only the finest, pure, therapeutic essential oils.  If low quality, synthetic or perfume grade oils are used, mediocre or harmful effects may occur.  This information is not intended to replace your medical regime, although you may improve certain conditions.  See:  www.youngliving.com/zenovia