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Introduced to Young Living Essential oils through a concerned person who learned I was recovering from an injury which left me with pain and limited range of motion throughout my body, after being in pain for three years 24hrs. a day, I accelerated my healing and was out of pain within a month.  After using the oils for about six months to see if they work on others as well as myself, I began integrating them into my bodywork practice for my clients.  Soon after I became a certified aromatherapist and I work daily with these therapeutic essential oils (otherwise known as Aromatherapy oils) that I use for various conditions of body, mind, spirit and environment as I have been for over 17 years now.


Shifting from oils like Peppermint and Patchouli that can have a cooling effect on our bodies,  I'm moving to be attracted to oils that are more warming in these days of the cool Autumn winds signifyig the change of seasons.

I switched on my electric Frankincense resin burner last night to clear the air at home. Burning the resin releases the oil into the air, along with its healing properties.  Frankincense oil itself is great to help to fortify the immune system anytime, but especially when  colds and flus seem more apparent.

Placing a couple drops of Frankincense oil in my  drinks and drinking water helps to stimulate the immune system and applied directly on the chest and throat area helps the respiratory system.  When I place a drop or two on the forehead,  temples and back of the neck, it helps mental clarity, brain function, emotions and consciousness

The two types of Frankincense that I am referring to are Frankincense (boswelia carteri) and Sacred Frankincense (boswelia sacra) both of which have been used since pre- and post-Christian times.

Today, I dropped a couple of drops of both Frankincense and Orange oils in my coffee, which was very nice.

Other oils I am moving towards are tree oils like Spruce, Cypress and Eucalyptus which also help to support the respiratory system.

Refreshing Orange, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lime and Lemon assist in cleansing the body.  I use them often in massage on the legs and thighs to assist in clearing stagnation.  They are also very uplifting to the emotions and spirit.

LEMON oil can  help to change  the internal body chemistry to create an environment to be unwelcoming to "colds".  Placing a couple of drops in a glass of water at the onset of symptoms has reversed them on many occasions.  I repeat this a few times when I feel it coming on and watch the symptoms reverse over an hour or so.  I like to ward it off from the start rather than using cold remedy products to manage it and think it's an important staple oil to have at all times.  It's also great to flavor other drinks and recipes like juices, teas, cocktails, lemonade, salad dressings, etc.. as it tastes great and brings in its fresh essence and healing properties.

THIEVES oil blend is important to me now for both internal and external cleansing.  Its warming Cinnamon and Clove scent helps to combat cold and flus from taking hold.  I use it as I do the Lemon oil stated above.  It is also contained in all of the Thieves products from the Dentarome toopthaste line (which does not state to call the poison control center if swallowed, like most toothpastes), floss and mouthwash (to help with gum disease and oral health, not merely mask the odor);  to the Thieves Household cleaner which is very effective, safer and pleasant for people and pets than other commercial cleaners.

Thieves oil blend, along with Purification blend and Lavender essential oil  are three of my top  choices to keep close by when flying or traveling.  They can be used on a moist cloth or tissue to disinfect surfaces like airplane armrests, headrests, and air blowers to help refresh the air that is directed on you;  in hotel rooms on drinking glasses, counter tops, bedside tables, etc.; or  placed on a tissue or hand cloth and placed near the air conditioning or heating unit to help purify the air.

Request a complimentary consult to see which oils are best for you at this time, or go to: www.youngliving.com/zenovia where you can browse.

Happy Autumn changes to you and be in touch anytime for questions and assistance.

ps:  Remember that we are only referring to pure and therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils and not lesser quality or adulterated  oils commonly found in most shops.  All associated products such as those in the skincare, kids, pets and cleaning collections in the Young Living Essential Oils line contain the same quality of oils as the single oils and blends do.

LAVENDER OIL (Lavandula Officianalis)

    My first introduction to Lavender was as a teenager in the sixties through a then very popular line of English Lavender products. I was never particularly attracted to Lavender but noticed that it was a common scent used everywhere in world of synthetic fragrances since childhood in soaps, sachets, and lotions.  It wasn’t until I had been injured in the nineties and began using aromatherapy oils to relieve my pain and discomfort that I realized the efficacy of pure and therapeutic grade essential oils for a variety of purposes.  I later became certified in aromatherapy and  now integrate them every day in my life and work.  I will keep the focus on Lavender oil.

    Only after hearing a myriad of stories about Lavender oil, having  many experiences myself personally with it and studying it did I realize it’s importance and why it is referred to as one of the "universal” oils. or the 'Swiss Army knife of essential  oils".  It can be used for a multitude of purposes.  It is said “when in doubt, use Lavender”.  It can help balance the body's systems wherever there is a need.

    Lavender (like most essential oils)  contains hundreds of different chemical constituents and each one can have a unique effect on a particular system of the body.   It has analgesic, antidepressant, anti-viral, antispasmodic as well as other properties.  It reminds me of  the snake oil salesman in an old western movie where he'd claimed that his  special oil concoction would cure everything from coughs to freckles.   With the variety of things essential oils can assist with, it's understandable to some point.

    A very interesting thing about pure, therapeutic grade essential oils is that they are able to work on a variety of seemingly unrelated  conditions in the body because of the variety of constituents and properties they contain.   So, taking this into consideration, I’m not sure if those snake oil salesmen were as dishonorable as I feel they were portrayed to be.  I sense that they may be a distorted caricature of, perhaps, more significant natural doctors who have descended down through time...just Hollywoodized a bit in the movies.  Their forebearers were most likely the first doctors and healers reaching back to pre-biblical times;  and in biblical times,  like the women referred to as the “myrrh-bearing women”... women like Mary Magdalene seen in images carrying vessels containing anointing potions like possibly Frankincense, Spikenard and Myrrh.

    Lavender can be used for burns, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, pimples, uterine cramps, muscle spasms, headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety and more.  Again this is if the oil is in it’s pure, whole, unadulterated form and of therapeutic grade.

    The first story I heard about using this grade of Lavender oil was for  burns.  The story is, in the sixties, a French cosmetic chemist named  Gattefosse  was  working in his lab when he got a painful chemical burn all over his arm.  He plunged the arm into what he thought was a vat of water.  After a short while he noticed there was no pain or blistering.   The contents of the vat turned out to be Lavender oil.  This event spawned much  scientifically documented research about Lavender oil and burns.

    In France, as in England, it is common to have an abundance of high quality Lavender present as they are major producers of Lavender and have supplied us with much of the Lavender oil until recently.  Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils is now organic farming Lavender and producing therapeutic Lavender oil here in the United States for our consumption.

    Our current knowledge has come from many blind and double-blind studies done as well as the empirical knowledge passed down from the ancient and tried and true.  I have tried them and I tell you it is true.  They can be very effective for a large variety of situations and generally easily and pleasantly.

    Remember to only  use  pure and therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils.... not low quality or synthetic or adulterated oils, which constitute the majority of oils on the market. 

    Following are oil anecdotes of the application of Lavender oil for a variety of occasions that are either mine personally, or from people I am close to and have personally witnessed.

    Application of a therapeutic grade oil can be directly on site so-called “neat” or diluted with a carrier vegetable oil such as almond or olive.  In these stories, the oil was applied neat.


BURNS:  A burn  stopped hurting and and did not blister within a half hour (as it usually does) when Lavender oil was applied to it directly every ten minutes or so within the first half hour and for about an hour afterward.  The next day there was no indication that a burn had ever existed.  I’ve done this a multitude of times,  as have several people close to me for common first and second degree burns.  (First degree burns are manifested by redness only;  second degree burns by blistering also).

INGROWN TOENAIL The swelling, pain and inflammation was eliminated  almost immediately when Lavender was applied directly on site. Minor surgery was later necessary to completely remedy the situation, but the Lavender application made it tolerable until the surgery appointment.

MENSTRUAL CRAMPS:  I had waken up around 1 AM with intolerable uterine cramps and was about to take some Ibuprofen when I decided to look in my essential oil reference guide.  I was new to using oils and thought I would experiment.  One of the oils recommended to use was Lavender, which I had, so I applied it to my lower abdomen and sacrum and on the reflex points on my ankles that relate to that area.  Within five minutes the pain was significantly reduced, and I was able to turn the lights out and fall back to sleep comfortably without having to wait the twenty minutes or so for the drugs to take effect

BEE STING:  While beginning a walk to Bolinas Lagoon on Stinson beach, I had to sit down because of a sharp pain in my foot.   A surfer  who saw me alerted me to some bees on the sand where I had walked.  Within minutes the stinging got more intense and the redness and swelling began to creep into a larger area.  Figuring that my walk plans were doomed, I headed for my car to go home.  I sat and watched as the redness and swelling begin to creep up and cover about three to four inches on the top and bottom of my foot.  I remembered I had my mini bottle of Lavender with me, so dug it out and applied a couple of drops on the sting area and waited.  Immediately it started to feel a little better, but still hurt.  I waited and applied a couple of more drops.  I then saw the reddened area stop spreading and applied a couple more drops.  This was all within about ten minutes.  Witnessing the redness and pain subsiding, I applied a couple of drops more. A very short time later it stopped hurting altogether as I watched the swelling and redness continue to subside.   I experimented walking on it, and it began to feel normal again.  Shortly after, I was able to walk all the way to the lagoon and back on the shore of the beach at least an hour round trip and thereafter there was no more trace of the sting.

HEADACHE:  Most common tension or sinus headaches can be reduced or totally eliminated within a minute or so with Lavender oil (and the same with peppermint oil).  I put a couple of drops into the palms of my hands, rub them together enough so the oil does  not drip, cup my hands under my nose and inhale three or so deep slow breaths to bring the oil inside, then rub the oiled hands over my forehead or apply another drop to the headache area  itself.  I then inhale the oil a couple of more breaths.  The headache is usually gone by the time I am finished with this anointing ritual.  If it persists, I repeat this process with Peppermint oil or Pan Away (an oil blend made by Young Living Oils, see website or ask me for further information).  If the headache is caused by a more serious internal condition and is persistent, this application may help but the headache will most likely return, reminding you to consider seeking professinal help to obtain a diagnosis and treatment of your condition .

BURNING, ACHEY FEET:  On a number of occasions, after walking or dancing for hours and acquiring achy, burning feet from my shoes or being barefoot, I rubbed Lavender oil on the bottom of my feet and rested a few minutes with my feet up.  Very soon after I was ready for the next phase of the day with no discomfort and no blistering.

DOG BITE:  At around 11 AM a medical doctor friend  called me on my cell phone asking to meet so he could get some Lavender for his finger, which his dog had bitten a half-hour earlier. The skin had just barely not been broken, but the dog had held on clamping the end of his finger and swelling and a purplish discoloration covered  the last joint of the finger. It was throbbing with pain.  We met, and I applied about two drops to the area, and gave him my little bottle to take with him to reapply every so often during the day.  The pain and inflammation subsided, and by the end of the day there was no more pain, even upon squeezing it; and only a tiny purple dot was barely visible on the tip of his finger.

SUNBURN:  A teenager who is very close to me and who told me she thought the oils were “bunk” (after my many attempts over time to get her to use them for various things) admitted her triumph with Lavender oil.  You see, she had snuck in a session at a sun tanning salon against the wishes of her father, stayed in too long, and came out all hot and red.  She remembered my burn suggestions, and when she got home rubbed the Lavender oil all over her burning skin with the result that all her symptoms subsided.  She became a believer out of the necessity of hiding the burn from her dad.  I was happy she told me the story.  I have used it for real sun burns myself by applying it directly on the skin.

NOTE:   Keep direct sunlight off your skin after application of essential oils.

SRESS, DEPRESSION & ANXIETY: Anointing oneself  with Lavender (as stated below) can be very helpful in changing one’s physical and emotional frequency to a calmer and more balanced state of being.  Repeat as often as you feel the need.

Insomnia:  Using Lavender oil in the middle of a restless night of sleep can be calming and quieting, allowing one to drift off because of the peacefulness that ensues.

COUGHING:  One property of Lavender is that it is antispasmodic.  When applied to the throat and chest area and inhaled, it has calmed my coughing from bronchitis and colds on many occasions.

WARDING OFF GERMS:  I apply the Lavender on my hands  and rub it under my nose if I am in close proximity to lots of people who are in close quarters or if I am near someone who is exhibiting signs of cold or flu, to help ward off  becoming contaminated.  This is good practice on airplanes, in lectures, nightclubs, hospitals, etc.

DIFFUSING:  An excellent way to help decrease the chances of perpetuating contagious illness indoors, as well as to eliminate unpleasant odors  and refresh the air, is to diffuse oils into the air with an electric diffuser made for this purpose.  Lavender is great for this application.


   I a drop or two  drop from the bottle onto my palm, swirl it around with a finger so it will not drip, cup my hands over my nose, and take a few deep, slow, long breaths to bring the oil into my body through my nose.  I follow this by sweeping the oiled hands onto whichever part of my body or chakra I am focusing on at the moment; then end by again breathing in deeply the scent from my hands.

-Hot and cool....

    Using peppermint oil to freshen the mouth and breath is a most common occurrence in my group of friends who use oils.  If I forget mine, chances are there will be someone else who has brought theirs along and we pass it among us, putting a small touch of the oil on the middle of our tongues or on the back of our hand and licking it off.  There is no sugar or synthetic chemicals to worry about.   (Remember, as usual I am only referring to  high quality therapeutic grade essential oils. .)

    So much happens after the initial contact of one small drop on the tongue that will cause newcomers to the experience to stop cold in their tracks.  I always aim for the center of the tongue as far back as possible because the tip tends to be very sensitive and may feel too hot.

    First I notice an immediate burst of freshness in my mouth followed by warmth permeating  in my chest area and slowly up into my head, making my eyes come alive and my head brighten.  Several seconds later I will feel it travel down towards my stomach and lower intestines spreading it’s deep and penetrating warmth into my body like a warm fog misting the inside of me.

   When I think of Peppermint oil and how it can help me, I think of the mouth, lungs,  head, stomach, intestines and nervous system.  Both folkloric traditions and scientific research have proven the results of this wonderful oil as well as hundreds of others.

   Why is it that restaurants commonly serve “after dinner mints” or peppermint tea?  Mostly because the properties in peppermint act as a digestive aid.

  This traditional use has been watered down and lower quality oils have been used in the candy, toothpaste, mouthwash and the food industry for years.  It has only been in the past few years that we have been able to legally ingest therapeutic grade pure oils like peppermint because they are now regarded as generally safe to do so (Generally Regarded as Safe = GRAS by the Food and Drug Administration) even though lower quality and synthetic ones have been used for years.

READ THIS CAUTIONARY NOTE:  Peppermint oil especially should be kept away from the eye area or it can cause temporary stinging and watery eyes and be very uncomfortable.  I urge my clients who may be attending important meetings, being interviewed or on camera, generally need to see, to be especially careful when using peppermint oil on the forehead and temple region because it can take several minutes for the redness and irritation to go away if it gets too close to the eyes.  I also try to keep the oil off of my fingers that may later reach up to scratch my eye.  I try to use the ring or pinky finger.   Also keep it away from the delicate genital skin or you may be in for a hot surprise.  The same dilution with a vegetable oil as follows will soothe the area if this occurs.  This is true also of other essential oils.

  As with all pure essential aromatherapy oils... if an oil does irritate your skin, do not dilute it with water as it may intensify the irritation.  Instead it is common to use a vegetable oil or unscented massage oil like Olive or Almond to apply to the irritated site to help to dilute the oil instead.  After a few minutes of waiting and blinking a lot, the eyes should clear right up or the skin will cool off.

Essential oils can deteriorate plastic  or styrofoam containers so I use glass or ceramic.   Also avoid  direct sunlight on areas of the body that have essential oils on them.

   It is  generally not recommended for pregnant ladies or those with high blood pressure to regularly use  peppermint oil.

APPLICATION:  Peppermint oil can be inhaled, applied to the affected body area (except the eyes),  applied to the bottoms of the feet and toes to be absorbed by the body or added to water or food.  Less is more.  You do not need copious amounts of oil to do the job.


IN DRINKING WATER:  Adding a drop or two of peppermint oil  to either a single glass or pitcher or other container will refresh your water and allow you to delightfully drink in the wonderful properties of this oil.

BREATH FRESHENER:  by taking a small taste on the tongue.

MENTAL CLARITY:  Smelling peppermint oil out of the bottle, off of a tissue, off of your hand, or by applying a couple of drops to the forehead and temple can help to increase mental alertness and clarity, focus and concentration.

TENSION HEADACHES:   Peppermint oil can eliminate or reduce a tension headache in about a minute or so... much faster than it takes for some over-the-counter products  to take effect.  When I first heard this I rolled my eyes in skepticism;  but after many trials on myself and willing others, I have found it to be true.

    Remember, if the headache is caused by something more than general stress and tension for example dehydration or a more serious illness, the headache will usually return if it does go away, or maybe just be reduced a little.  Each instance is unique.  Medical professionals can be consulted to determine if there is a problem requiring attention.

     I take one or two drops of peppermint oil in the palms of my hands and take in three deep and slow breaths, so the oil enters my body initially through my nose.  I follow this by rubbing the oil on my forehead, temples, back of the neck and wherever the headache is.  Then repeat three more slow breaths breathing the oil from the hands.

    At this point the headache is usually gone or greatly reduced.  If it is a more stubborn headache, I will follow the same procedure as above with Lavender.  If a spot of headache still remains after this, I will put a drop of Pane Away on the remaining headache.

FOOD POISONING OR DISAGREEMENT: & FLATULENCE:  It is well known that Peppermint oil can help relieve an upset stomach and digestive system.  Upon returning home after eating tempura one night, all I could do was lay in bed in pain and bloating in my belly, breathing short breaths for a half hour or so when it occurred to me to reach over and grab the peppermint oil.  I put about three drops in a tall glass of room temperature water and sipped it.  Within minutes I began to belch and release gas and within a half hour I felt totally normal with no symptoms of an upset gastrointestinal tract.  I was impressed.  Peppermint oil can also be rubbed on the stomach and lower abdominal areas  instead of, or as well as drinking it.

FEVER:  Peppermint oil is known to help reduce fevers. It can be applied to the forehead, back of the neck, feet or other areas

WHEN IT’S HOT OUT:   I apply a couple of drops of peppermint oil to the forehead, neck and temples help me keep cool in hot weather indoors or out.  It almost feelis like there is a fan blowing on me when the air hits the skin.

HOT  FLASHES:  Applying peppermint oil as above, can make hot flashes more tolerable.

NASAL CONGESTION:  I apply peppermint oil around the nose and sinus areas, neck and forehead and temples to open up the  nasal passages for colds, allergies, and other irritations.

ON FEET:  A foot massage with peppermint oil is  refreshing and soothing and the healing effects of the oil will spread throughout  the body as well.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Peppermint oil can be calming and relaxing to the nervous system, reduce signs of stress and tension and be uplifting to the mind and spirit.  It is also helpful for regenerating nerves.

DRINKS:  The folkloric traditions of our friends in hot regions live on today in the forms of Moroccan  peppermint tea ;   Southern Mint Juleps; and Cuban Mohitos.  A drop of Peppermint oil can be added to any drink like warm or cool water, lemonade, sparkling water, hot chocolate or cocktails.

FOOD RECIPES:  As in drinks, peppermint oil can be added to your food and desert recipes to replace real peppermint leaves or extract.  Less is more.  Start with one drop and add from there as a little goes a long way and you can ruin a good recipe by using too much at once. These oils are very concentrated.

(NOTE: It is very important to use only the finest, pure, therapeutic essential oils.  If low quality, synthetic or perfume grade oils are used, mediocre or harmful effects may occur.  This information is not intended to replace your medical regime, although you may improve certain conditions.  See:  www.youngliving.com/zenovia

More Aromatherapy Notes

We aromatherapy users are well aware of the arsenal of essential oils to keep on hand to help to both ward off unwanted ills as well as help to strengthen our immune systems.

Many oils are great to have around so I will list my top choices, for now, along with common uses for them for yourself, your family and friends at home or work, while traveling and interacting with people as well as for cleaning.

THIEVES OIL blend: One of my very favorite oils to help to combat, prevent and alleviate colds and flus is an oil blend called Thieves.  The name Thieves was coined after some of the ingredients in a list of oils that was found in some archives in England related to thieves who were aware of which herbs to use to rub on their bodies so that they would not contract the plague while stealing from the dead and dying.

Thieves has a strong Cinnamon and Clove content and can be dropped on the tongue, into drinking water or directly onto a cut or splinter.  Like some over-the-counter sore throat sprays, Thieves can help reduce the soreness of a sore throat while helping to reduce the count of the nasty bugs that help to create it.  It can also help with gum infections in the mouth by gargling or brushing teeth with it.  (Thieves is also an ingredient in an excellent toothpaste by Young Living Essential Oils called Dentarome and Dentarome Plus).  I rubbed some of this oil on my hands today to help kill some germs before using a paper cutter whose prior user was sniffling and coughing.

ABUNDANCE oil blend:  I am including this gorgeous oil blend because it is one of my very favorite and most used oils. Like Thieves, it has lots of Cinnamon as well as Patchouli, Lemon, Clove and other oils which all help to boost the immune system to create an abundance of good health.  Cinnamon is used in many herbal traditions to help draw things toward us....so only use it when you are clear and grounded and affirming to draw an Abundance of all that is good toward you....good health, love, people, circumstances, financial opportunity, and joy.  Have fun with it.

LAVENDER oil:  Lavender oil is one I use all year round and in the case of colds and flus and their prevention, it is on top of my list.  I rub it on the opening of my ears (not down inside the ear canal) to help ward off ear infections and help relieve ear aches.  Rubbing it on the throat and chest can help ease sore throat and coughs as it helps relieve spasms (so yes, it can be used for sprains, strains and muscle spasms and cramps as well).  I like to rub some Lavender oil into my nostrils while I am traveling around either in public or around groups of people where, inevitably, there will be coughing and sneezing going on to help decrease the bacteria and viral count.

Lavender is also great to keep on hand for kitchen burns.  I drop the oil directly onto a burn every ten minutes for a half hour and the burn to stop pain and prevent blistering.  Lavender is also great for helping to balance stress and reduce insomnia. It is also wonderful added to rinse water to help purify in cleaning and laundry.

LEMON oil:  Lemon oil is great to add a couple of drops in a glass to drinking water to help reduce bacteria and virus count at the onset of illness.  It also helps to clean the lymphatic system which helps the immune system function on a higher level.  Lemon oil helps also as a mood enhancer and uplifter and is great to use to remove gunk and gluey substances and is great to add to rinse water to help purify cleaning and laundry.

I carry oils with me wherever I go for various and obvious reasons.  I love when my friends do as well so when we are together, between us, we’ll help to cover many conditions which will arise.

Two oils I am almost never without are Lavender (tension, headaches, bites and stings, pain) and Peppermint ( headaches, sinus problems, digestive ailments, fevers, mental clarity).

REMEMBER: USE YOUR OILS!  They work best when you use them.

Young Living Essential Oils may provide support for everyday stress and emergencies. The Essential 7 and Everyday Oils kits can be mind, body, spirit & home first aid.

ACCIDENTS:  Pan Away, Peace & Calming, Lavender
ADD TO DRINKING WATER:  Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Thieves
ANXIETY, STRESS, FEAR:  Valor, Peace & Calming, Lavender
BACK PAIN:  ValorBRUISES:  Pan Away, Lavender
CANCER, General IMMUNE SUPPORT;  Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon
COLD & FLU PREVENTION:  Lemon, Thieves
CONCENTRATION:   Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense
CUTS:  Purification, Lavender, Pan Away, Thieves
DEPRESSION, SADNESS: Joy, Lavender, Frankincense
FUNGUS:  Purification, Lavender,
HEADACHES:  Peppermint, Lavender
INFLAMMATION:  Lavender, Pan Away
INSECT BITES & BEE STINGS:  Purification, Lavender, Pan Away
MEDITATION, PRAYER:  Lavender, Peace & Calming, Frankincense
MENTAL CLARITY:  Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense
MOLD, MILDEW:  Thieves, Purification
MUSCLE SPASMS:  Lavender, Lemon, Pan Away
PAIN:  Pan Away, Lavender, Valor, Peppermint
SCARRING: Lavender, Frankincense
SKIN PROBLEMS:  Lavender, Peace & Calming
SLEEP DISTURBANCES:  Lavender, Peace & Calming
SORE THROAT:  Lemon, Thieves
SPORTS INJURIES:  Pan Away, Lavender, Valor
TENSION:  Lavender, Peace & Calming, Valor
SKIN TAGS:  Frankincense
SKIN RASHES, OUTBREAKS:  Lavender, Frankincense

NOTE: It is very important to use only the finest, pure,  therapeutic essential oils .   If low quality or synthetic or perfume grade oils are used, mediocre or harmful effects may occur.  This information is not intended to replace your medical regime, although you may heal or improve certain conditions.


 Information contained herein is not intended for use as a substitute for medical care or for diagnosis or treatment.  Consulting your medical professional may or may not be of assistance in using essential oils, as he or she may not be familiar with their use.

The information contained herein is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions, would like guidance in using oils you already have or ordering new oils or products, and send  a message if you would like to be invited to an essential oil gathering., have a custom aromatherapy spray or scrub made for you or purchase a gift certificate for someone.

Warmly, with wafts of Frankincense floating through the air...

Jennifer Zenovia Limberakis
Young Living Essential Oils Distributor  # 87637

Warning: Possible side effects of using pure Young Living therapeutic essential oils:

Mental/mood changes: Increased mental alertness & libido; feelings of contentment; decreased depression; greater inspiration; feeling grounded.
Environment: Decrease in airborne and surface bacteria; great smelling air.
Respiration: Clearer sinuses.
Skin: Accelerated wound healing; decrease in inflammation; reduction in scarring; reduced skin wrinkles.
Oral cavity: Healthier gums; fresher breath; healing of mouth sores.
Digestive tract: Relief of nausea; reduced flatulence; calming of indigestion;
Blood: Increase in oxygenation of blood.

Reversal of cold and flu symptoms; increased lymphatic cleansing; sore throat relief; repelling of pests (insects, rodents); deeper sleep; reduced snoring; sharper vision and hearing, increased Abundance.

If any of these situations persist, be thankful that you are blessed to be aquainted with these ancient, time-tested oils. Most likely to occur with frequent use. If you find any of the above symptoms intolerable, discontinue use.